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Event AV & Technology

State-of-the-art equipment is at your disposal for your event at our hotel. We offer custom solutions and all-around project management and unique installments for your event regardless of its type. 

We partnered with a world-class AV company with many years of experience to provide technical support, who will also be able to fulfill your requests even if it includes complex lighting design. At our events, even the attendees sitting the farthest away from the stage are able to hear and see everything crystal clear thanks to our experts.

Thanks to technological advancements, your options are endless.

János Neumann – 1938. – Created computer principles

Thanks to technological advancements, your options are endless.

János Neumann – 1938. – Created computer principles






Voting systems

Tailor-designed conference, stage and exhibition sets

Stylish event furniture and accessories


You may have a private Wi-Fi network set up exclusively for your guests, which guarantees secure internet access and stable signal strength during the event.

LCD Screens

Customizable LCD screens can be found in front of the meeting rooms which let you inform your guests about the subject of a programme in a particular room, and you may also use the display located in the first floor lobby to provide directions efficiently to guests who just arrived to the venue.


The colour and brightness of the ceiling lights can be adjusted to match the colour scheme of your event and the brand you represent, if needed.


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Unique opportunities

Browse our offers for discounts and authentic experiences for your event. Thanks to our professional experience we have numerous ideas that can help transform the occasion into an unforgettable event for you and your guests as well.

Insider collections

With our help you can conveniently organize memorable meetings and meaningful, participatory guest experiences that reflect the character of Budapest.



Being a hotel specialised to this industry, our organizers are fully aware of the unique requirements and rules of conducting events of this sector.


Meetings & Events Collection

We offer one of the city’s finest venues for your next event with rewarding options for you and your guests that you can choose from.