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Green Initiatives

Our goals and values
Every member of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) puts great effort into environmentally friendly and sustainable operation and to actively support causes that are beneficial to society as a whole. IHG provides relief to victims of natural disasters globally, backs numerous natural conservation programs and helps educate the next generation of hotel industry professionals.

IHG Academy

Our hotel presents opportunities to learn and practice the trade for hospitality and hotel industry students in secondary and higher education in the IHG Academy program. We offer 2-year internships for vocational students and 3-6 months internships for college and university students. The emphasis of these internships is always on practicing what the students learn, and the online trainings and group exercises that InterContinental developed are also prominent parts of the program. At the end, our interns return to their institutes to complete their curricula.

Green Globe

Since 2013, our hotel has been a member of the Green Globe community, an organization focusing on the environmental and sustainability aspects of hotel and restaurant operation in 83 countries. To receive a Green Globe certificate, the organization’s internationally accepted criteria have to be met. We are proud that InterContinental Budapest was the first hotel in Hungary to qualify – and we have been operating under the strict supervision of the organization since then.

Energy Saving

We consider sustainability and environmental protection among our main values and goals. Therefore we equipped public areas and guest rooms in our building with LED light bulbs, our HVAC system regulates indoor temperatures according to the weather, and we heat and air-condition guest rooms with sustainability in mind at all times. Water taps and shower heads in guest rooms are water saving, electric appliances such as minibar refrigerators and television sets are also energy-efficient.

Giving back

Our hotel has been supporting nonprofit organizations proudly for years – we believe even the smallest acts of kindness are able to induce waves of change in our world. One of our main partners is the Pető Institute for the development and integration of children with central nervous system disabilities, but we also cooperate with the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, the Nem Adom Fel Foundation which supports the integration of the disadvantaged, and the Hungarian Red Cross.